Personal Growth & Life Coaching


The changes we experience in life can propel us to new stages of development as individuals, couples or as a family.  Even positive changes can be stressful. Personal growth training with Dr. Edwards provides the necessary tools to make smooth transitions.

  • Improving Communication
  • Recognizing and Effectively Dealing With Conflict
  • Altering Nonproductive or Destructive Habits
  • Enhancing Self-Esteem
  • Building Positive Relationships




If you have a happy and satisfying life and want to experience and offer even more, life coaching may be for you.

Life coaching developed as a separate profession from counseling/therapy because of the many benefits people receive from empowerment and life enhancement skill training.  People who recognize that they are moving toward higher functioning, rather than struggling with dysfunction, often choose life coaching.


Here are a few examples of areas where people have chosen to engage Diana as their life coach:

Dissertation completion
Choosing a life partner
Relationship communication
Career transitions
Blended families
ADD/ADHD issues
Time mangement
Life balance
Spiritual emergence


Spiritual Emergence has been defined as
"The movement of an individual to a more expanded way of being that involves enhanced emotional and psychosomatic health, greater freedom of personal choices, and a sense of deeper connection with other people, nature, and the cosmos. An important part of this development is an increasing awareness of the spiritual dimension in one's life and in the universal scheme of things."
(Grof & Grof, 1990)
Sometimes spiritual emergence happens so rapidly and so dramatically it appears to fit other psychiatric categories and other diagnoses. It can appear to be a spiritual emergency.  Here are a few ways to differentiate the two:
Spiritual Emergence:
1. Inner experiences are fluid, mild, and easy to integrate.
2. There is ease in incorporating non-ordinary states of consciousness while maintaining life activities.
3. There is a slow gradual change in awareness of self and world.
4. Difficult experiences are treated as opportunities for change.
Spiritual Emergency:
1. Inner experiences interrupt and disturb daily life.
2. Inner experiences are dynamic, jarring, and difficult to integrate.
3. There are abrupt and rapid shifts in perception of self and world.
4.  Difficult experiences are overwhelming, often unwelcome.
Examples are from The
Stormy Search for the Self
By Christina and Stanislav Grof